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Getting proper financial advice on a divorce settlement is usually a source of great concern to those considering divorce proceedings.

We provide comprehensive financial advice on your divorce settlement and we will do everything we can to achieve a divorce settlement that works for you, and also for your family.

The main aim of financial advice in any divorce settlement is to keep both financial and emotional costs to a minimum.

If the parties can reach a divorce settlement with the benefit of independent financial advice, the Court can make a financial order with the consent of the parties giving effect to the agreement that has been reached between them. Otherwise, the Court can decide what the financial outcome of the divorce settlement should be.

The Family Law team at Silverman Sherliker is highly experienced in providing divorce settlement financial advice and in negotiating a proper divorce settlement that reflects the financial needs and circumstances of each particular case.

We are accustomed to dealing with a range of issues including complex financial settlements for high net worth individuals and divorce settlements involving businesses, offshore trusts and international assets. Whatever your circumstances, our partner-led family law team can offer objective and focussed advice.

Navdip Dhariwal, head of the family law team, is also a very well-respected family law lawyer so you will be able to discuss the options of the process with her and decide which methods may be suitable to help you achieve a suitable divorce settlement to minimise costs.


Upon the granting of a divorce decree, judicial separation or dissolution of a civil partnership, the Court has the power to make a number of orders which can include:

• the making of periodical payments (i.e. maintenance) by one party to the other,
• the payment of a lump sum cash payment by one party to the other.
• the transfer of property (where legal ownership of an asset is transferred to one party), and
• pension attachment and pension sharing orders{LINK TO PENSIONS PAGE} (except upon decree of judicial separation)

In order to obtain appropriate divorce settlement financial advice, each spouse is required to identify and value their financial assets.

This process is called ‘financial disclosure’ and is a key part of the divorce settlement process.

Once details of all the assets are obtained and the values are agreed, proper financial advice on what may be a suitable divorce settlement can be given and negotiations can begin.

Regrettably, sometimes one party deliberately conceals assets or misrepresents the true worth of their assets. In these circumstances, the Court has powers to assist in investigating further that person’s finances to ascertain the true position and the real value of any assets that may not have been fully or fairly identified or disclosed.

If there is a danger that assets may be dissipated or removed from the jurisdiction before a divorce settlement can be reached and implemented an urgent application for a freezing order may be necessary. We are able to act swiftly in these circumstances and provide timely advice to protect these assets so that you get a proper opportunity to obtain financial advice on these assets and they can be taken into account in formulating your divorce settlement.

To get free initial financial advice on your divorce settlement take full advantage of our free initial telephone consultation service and discuss your own situation with a member of our Family Law team


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London Divorce Solicitors London Divorce Solicitors
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